Travelling the World – The Plan so far


So I really did it. I quit my job to travel the world. HOLY SHIT!

As you can also read in the „About Me“ section a few months ago instead of just buying a planeticket to Japan to see the cherry blossoms I ended up quiting my job, giving up my appartement, selling my car and buying traintickets.

Not even a month anymore until I will get on a train to Moskow from Berlin within 27 hours to start this new chapter of my life.

Due to visas the first three months are pretty much planned. The first 10 days I will spend in Russias capital. Then the really exciting journey will begin. The TRANSIB. Yes, I will take the transiberian train to get from Moskow via Irkutsk and Olchon in Siberia, the Gobi Desert (sleeping in gerts without electricity and running water) to Beijing in China. I don’t know what to expect. Of course I have read other blogs and travel books but I’m still curious if I really can’t leave the train as it doesn’t give you any warning on when it will start again. Will I really drink that much vodka and eat food from the mamuskas on the platforms? And is there really nothing but nature and quietness in Olchon, the biggest island in the Lake Baikal? Will I be freezing in the gerts during the Gobi Desert Tour?

The Transib will come to an end in Beijing, China after having spend 173 hours on the train. But we have decided to travel as much overland as possible to see more from the country we’re traveling through, to help the enviroment and of course to save money. And because of that we are not done with trains after the transib. From Beijing the journey will continue to X´ian to see the teracotta army. Three days later we will travel to Chengdu to check out the worlds´biggest Panda reservat (can’t wait to see those! They are just too cute to be true.), four days in Shanghai will follow. After a buzzing city like that the Avatar Mountains are waiting in Zhangjiajie followed by a few days in Guilin. The last train will bring us to the boarder of mainland China and we will walk over the boarder to Hongkong.

As you cannot enter Myanmar overland from China, in Hongkong we´ll take a plane to Yangon. And from there? No idea.

I can’t wait for this journey to begin. I will keep you posted on all the adventures I hope to experience! And if you have any suggestions on what I should do in those places above please leave me a comment!

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