About Me

Hey there and welcome!

I am Nadine from Berlin and decided to quit my job to travel the world. HOLY SHIT!

Ever since I was in Australia after graduating highschool I envied those who just packed their backpack and  went whereever they wanted. No real plan, just the desire to see the world, go everywhere, see new places, meet new people and get to know other cultures and countries. Without an idea of what to expect around the next corner.

I have always been more of the kind that needed security and a five year plan. Always do something that looked good on the CV, that gives me experience to achieve my next level. Career driven more than anything else. I worked in the media business for more than 5 years. Good years, good laughs, shitloads of work but with colleagues who made it fun.

Then spring arrived and the cherry blossoms bloomed in all their beauty all over town. I told my boyfriend that one day I would like to go to Japan to see the real deal. A country covered with those beautiful flowers.

Lucky me my boyfriend didn’t ask me if I had lost my touch to reality but rather just replied: “Sure, when is the florification?”

So I started researching Cherryblooming Japan but quickly realised that if I was already in the area I would love to go surfing in Bali and say HI to my best friend in Thailand. My boyfriend on the other hand wanted to go to Malaysia where he had spent a year with Engineers without Borders and drop by by his old colleagues. We got a world map and hung it in the bedroom opposite of the bed. On lazy Sundays with coffee in bed we would think of all the places we would love to go someday. Soon I realised that the list we had made would not be possible to tick off within 3 or six weeks. Probably not even 3 months…

And so it started, the idea of the worldtrip. The idea of just quitting our jobs, giving up our appartment, sell the car, buy a backpack and some traintickets and just leave for a while.

I have no idea what to expect, how long I will be on the road or who I will be when I come back. I just bought the tickets and I will enjoy the ride.